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May 2021 update

Hi! Here is an update about my development progresses, as of May 2021.

Announcing Yocto Racer

Here is our next project: Yocto Racer. The idea behind the name is that yocto is a (very) small unity prefix: since the development team is not that big, I am going to align the project's scope to something that I can manage.

This will be a Formula n racing game (feel free to assign n). I've chosen a "Formula" racing game since this is a kind of racing games that I definitely love.

From a technical point of view, this project is a way for learning new things about the projects that I admire most. So, I am using Panda3D, panda3d-simplepbr and panda3d-gltf. The beautiful screenshot that follows is due to the awesome Panda3D and simplepbr, ruined by my models.

The project is open source (of course) and I will work on opening the graphic assets. I hope that someone may find them useful. Some decisions are towards this direction. As instance, using well-known open formats (Blend, GLTF) is for allowing others to access my assets.

You can find more information on the project's page.

The prototype

You can play the current prototype, of course. As of now, you can find Windows installers and AppImage files for Linux. In the project's page you can find the information downloading them.


A lot of work has been allocated on the new website. I wanted to build several services for communicating better with testers/players and for having builds without decreasing my development time…

So, now you don't have to wait for me to prepare new builds. You can download the latest builds whenever you want: they are automatically built as soon as I do something.

Moreover, now you can find several mailing lists. There, you will be notified when new builds arrive, you can report the issues you will find, you can write your suggestions… Let's build this game together!

Support us

Finally, I would love if you may consider to support us. As usual, you may consider our campaign on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!). Thank you very much!