May 2020 update

Published by flavio on 2020-05-01 00:00:00

Hi! Here is an update about my development progresses, as of May 2020.

Yorg updates

I am continuing my work on Yorg. As I wrote in my previous post, I am doing several refactorings. This is for improving Yorg’s code, so I can reuse several parts in the next project (speeding up its development).

The most important refactoring that I have completed recently is that I have replaced the building part. Previously, I was using SConstruct. Anyway, since Panda3D’s developers made such an awesome work with deploy-ng, I wanted to better integrate my building part with theirs. So, now I only use Panda3D’s deployment tools for building.

This refactoring sums to the previous development. Here is the list of the upcoming modifications to Yorg that you will find in the next release:

  • added vibration for weapons and crashes;

  • concurrent use of keyboard and joypads;

  • a new page for configuring joypads’ buttons;

  • support for AppImage packages;

  • CPU usage improvements;

  • AI improvements;

  • camera’s inertia;

  • removed some dependencies (bson, feedparser, yaml);

  • optimization of network usage;

  • using setuptools;

  • yracing submodule

  • added several unit tests.

Next project updates

Yep, I have not “announced” the name of the new project yet (I have not registered the repository yet - it will be open source, of course). Anyway, I am working on it. I have added the support for PBR (physically based rendering): it uses Moguri’s awesome simplepbr . Moreover, I have started modeling some objects. Here is the first car. Its name is Panda, guess who is this love letter for. Here is a screenshot and a real-time rendering.


Please, consider that this my first model (excluding the ones that I did for self-taughting Blender). Please, share your suggestions if you spot anything that I could do for improving the model. The model uses the textures that simplepbr requests: base, metal, normal.

Support me

Finally, I would love if you may consider to support me. As usual, you may consider my campaign on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!). Thank you very much!