March 2020 update

Published by flavio on 2020-03-07 00:00:00

Hi! Here is an update about my development progresses.

New site

Here is the new Sphinx-powered site. Since my main activity is coding, a site that is tightly coupled with my code is a big improvement for me.

Yorg updates

I have worked on several things in Yorg. You will find these in the next release.

New features:

  • added vibration for weapons and crashes;

  • concurrent use of keyboard and joypads;

  • a new page for configuring joypads’ buttons;

  • support for AppImage packages.


  • CPU usage;

  • AI;

  • camera’s inertia.


  • removed some dependencies (bson, feedparser, yaml);

  • optimization of network usage;

  • yracing submodule.

As for the last point, Yorg has been splitted in three modules: yorg, yyagl and yracing. I have done this for reusability. yyagl is a library which contains some utilities. yracing contains code for abstract racing games. yorg contains Yorg’s specific code. The point is that I can reuse yyagl among my projects (also non-racing games), while yracing can be reused for a new racing game (more on this in the next section).

Finally, I have added some unit tests.


I am doing a lot of refactorings since this is very important in my roadmap. Aside maintaining Yorg, I am going to make a new racing game. I would love to use the new awesome features that they are developing in Panda3D, and Yorg’s current assets are not the best for them. So, before starting, I am adapting the current code for making a new game without reinventing the wheel.

Support me

Finally, I would love if you may consider to support me. As usual, you may consider my campaign on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!). Thank you very much!