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Yorg 0.11.1 has been released!

Hi! We have released a new version of Yorg! Let's talk about the new features.

Improved joypad support

0.11 was the first release which provided the joypad support, using the new Panda3D's input subsystem. In the first implementation, we missed some aspects. Now, the support should be meaningfully improved. First of all, it is far more customizable. Moreover, several issues have been fixed (e.g. braking, respawn, vibrations, …).

Various improvements

The joypad support has received the biggest amount of efforts, but a lot of other improvements have been added. The GUI has been tuned a bit (it should be easier to detect the current selection now). The camera has been improved (now it has more inertia and it should be smoother).

As for the bugfixes, some rare bugs in the AI have been fixed. Several fixes have been implemented (CPU usage, errors in local and online multiplayer, server's code, audio, GUI, builds).

As for the refactorings, I did several modifications (some updates for the new Panda3D version; improved the networking code).

Finally, some internal code has been improved (now Setuptools is the only tool that builds Yorg; and some dependencies have been removed).

Updated translations

We have received several contributions from very kind people. Specifically, we have updated these translations: French, Galician, German, Scottish Gaelic and Spanish! A lot of thanks go to GunChleoc, Leandro, xin and Wuzzy!

Huge thanks

Huge thanks go to Leandro for testing and for his competence. He gave me many suggestions for improving the joypad support. Yorg's joypad support would not be as complete as it is now without his great contribution.

Other huge thanks go to the supporters: I couldn't even face the basic costs of this project (hosting, VPS) without you. If you can still see any news from this project, it is because they are so generous.


You can find 0.11.1's download links in Yorg's page. There, you will find links to our pages on GameJolt, itch.io, IndieDB!

Support us

Finally, we would love if you may consider to support us. As usual, you may consider our campaign on Patreon (minimum pledge: only $1!). Thank you very much!


Here is the quick changelog:

  • improved joypad support;
  • translation updates (French, Galician, German, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish);
  • minor improvements (GUI, camera);
  • fixes (CPU usage, AI, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, server, audio, GUI, builds);
  • refactoring (support for new Panda3D's features, networking);
  • development improvements (building with SetupTools, removed some dependencies).