Source code for yyagl.engine.logic

from urllib.request import urlopen
from os.path import exists
from sys import argv
from yyagl.gameobject import LogicColleague
from yyagl.engine.configuration import Cfg
from yyagl.gameobject import GameObject
from yyagl.computer_proxy import ComputerProxy, compute_once

[docs]class VersionChecker(GameObject, ComputerProxy): def __init__(self): GameObject.__init__(self) ComputerProxy.__init__(self)
[docs] @compute_once def is_uptodate(self): self.eng.client.register_rpc('srv_version') try: ver = self.eng.client.srv_version() except AttributeError: print("can't retrieve the version") return True major, minor, build = ver.split('.') major, minor, build = int(major), int(minor), int(build) curr_ver = self.eng.version if curr_ver == 'deploy-ng': return True curr_major, curr_minor, curr_build = curr_ver.split('-')[0].split('.') curr_major = int(curr_major) curr_minor = int(curr_minor) curr_build = int(curr_build) return curr_major > major or \ curr_major == major and curr_minor > minor or \ curr_major == major and curr_minor == minor and curr_build >= build
[docs] def destroy(self): GameObject.destroy(self)
# ComputerProxy.destroy(self) # raises an exception
[docs]class EngineLogic(LogicColleague):
[docs] @staticmethod def cmd_line(): return [arg for arg in iter(argv[1:]) if not arg.startswith('-psn_')]
def __init__(self, mediator, cfg=None): LogicColleague.__init__(self, mediator) self.cfg = cfg or Cfg() # use a default conf if not provided @property def version(self): if not self.is_runtime: if not exists('assets/version.txt'): return '-' with open('assets/version.txt') as fver: return + '-source' return self.mediator.lib.build_version @property def is_runtime(self): return self.mediator.lib.runtime() @property def curr_path(self): return self.mediator.lib.curr_path + '/' \ if self.is_runtime else ''
[docs] def destroy(self): self.cfg = None LogicColleague.destroy(self)