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from inspect import getmro
from panda3d.core import LVecBase2f
from direct.gui.DirectGuiGlobals import ENTER, EXIT
from yyagl.lib.gui import Btn, Slider, CheckBtn, OptionMenu, Entry, \
    Label, Img, Frame, Text
from yyagl.lib.ivals import Seq, Wait, PosIval, Func
from yyagl.engine.vec import Vec2
from yyagl.engine.gui.gui import left, right, up, down
from yyagl.gameobject import GameObject, GuiColleague, EventColleague
from yyagl.engine.gui.imgbtn import ImgBtn
from yyagl.lib.p3d.widget import FrameMixin, ImgMixin, BtnMixin, EntryMixin, \
    CheckBtnMixin, SliderMixin, OptionMenuMixin

[docs]class PageGui(GuiColleague): def __init__(self, mediator, menu_props, players=[0]): GuiColleague.__init__(self, mediator) self.enable_tsk = None self._back_btn = None self.menu_props = menu_props self.players = players self.widgets = [] self.translate() self.curr_wdgs = [] for player in players: self.curr_wdgs += [self.__next_wdg((-.1, -1), player, Vec2(-3.6, 1))] if self.curr_wdgs[-1]: self.curr_wdgs[-1].on_wdg_enter(None, player)
[docs] def build(self, back_btn=True, exit_behav=False): if back_btn: self.__build_back_btn(exit_behav) self._set_widgets() self._set_entries() self.transition_enter() self.eng.cursor_top()
[docs] def add_widgets(self, widgets): self.widgets += widgets
[docs] def on_arrow(self, direction, player): if not self.curr_wdgs[player]: return if self.curr_wdgs[player].__class__.__name__ == 'P3dEntryWidget' and \ self.curr_wdgs[player].focused: return processed_cmd = self.curr_wdgs[player].on_arrow(direction) # e.g. up/down in a combobox or left/right in a slider if processed_cmd: return next_wdg = self.__next_wdg(direction, player) if not next_wdg: return self.focus(next_wdg, player)
[docs] def on_enter(self, player): if not self.curr_wdgs[player]: return arg = player if len(self.players) > 1 else None if self.curr_wdgs[player].on_enter(arg): self.enable([player])
# wdg.on_enter returns True when it is an option widget @property def buttons(self): is_btn = lambda wdg: Btn in getmro(wdg.__class__) return [wdg for wdg in self.widgets if is_btn(wdg)]
[docs] def focus(self, wdg, player): self.curr_wdgs[player].on_wdg_exit(None, player) self.curr_wdgs[player] = wdg self.curr_wdgs[player].on_wdg_enter(None, player)
def __direction_dot_dwg(self, wdg, direction, player, start=None): if start: start_pos = start else: start_pos = self.curr_wdgs[player].pos return (wdg.pos - start_pos) def __next_weight(self, wdg, direction, player, start=None): if start: start_pos = start else: start_pos = self.curr_wdgs[player].global_pos dot = self.__direction_dot_dwg(wdg, direction, player, start) if direction in [(-1, 0), (1, 0)]: proj_dist = abs(wdg.global_pos.x - start_pos.x) else: proj_dist = abs(wdg.global_pos.y - start_pos.y) weights = [.5, .5] if direction in [left, right] else [.1, .9] return weights[0] * (dot * dot) + weights[1] * (1 - proj_dist) def __next_wdg(self, direction, player, start=None): # interactive classes iclss = [Btn, CheckBtn, Slider, OptionMenu, ImgBtn, Entry] inter = lambda wdg: any(pcl in iclss for pcl in getmro(wdg.__class__)) allwdgs = [wdg for wdg in self.widgets if inter(wdg)] wdgs = list(filter(lambda wdg: wdg.is_enabled, allwdgs)) if player < len(self.curr_wdgs) and self.curr_wdgs[player] \ and self.curr_wdgs[player] in wdgs: # the last check for this case: multiple players appear on the # same button, one player clicks it, another moves from it wdgs.remove(self.curr_wdgs[player]) mth = self.__direction_dot_dwg in_direction = lambda wdg: mth(wdg, direction, player, start) > .1 dirwdgs = list(filter(in_direction, wdgs)) if not dirwdgs: return nextweight = lambda wdg: self.__next_weight(wdg, direction, player, start) return max(dirwdgs, key=nextweight) def _set_widgets(self): list(map(lambda wdg: wdg.set_widget(), self.widgets)) def _set_entries(self): for wdg in self.widgets: if wdg.__class__.__name__ == 'P3dEntryWidget': wdg.attach(self.on_entry_enter) wdg.attach(self.on_entry_exit)
[docs] def on_entry_enter(self): if self.menu_props: # i.e. not destroyed self.disable_navigation(self.players)
[docs] def on_entry_exit(self): if self.menu_props: # i.e. not destroyed self.enable_navigation(self.players)
[docs] def transition_enter(self): self.translate() list(map(lambda wdg: wdg.set_enter_transition(), self.widgets)) self.enable(self.players)
[docs] def translate(self): list(map(lambda wdg: wdg.translate(), self.widgets))
[docs] def enable_navigation(self, players): if self.enable_tsk: self.eng.rm_do_later(self.enable_tsk) self.enable_tsk = self.eng.do_later(.01, self.enable_navigation_aux, [players])
[docs] def update_navigation(self): self.disable_navigation(self.players) self.enable_navigation(self.players)
[docs] def enable_navigation_aux(self, players): navs = [] for player in players: nav = self.menu_props.nav.navinfo_lst[player] evts = [ (self.eng.lib.remap_str(nav.left), self.on_arrow, [left, player]), (self.eng.lib.remap_str(nav.right), self.on_arrow, [right, player]), (self.eng.lib.remap_str(nav.up), self.on_arrow, [up, player]), (self.eng.lib.remap_str(nav.down), self.on_arrow, [down, player]), (self.eng.lib.remap_str(, self.on_enter, [player])] navs += [nav] list(map(lambda args: self.mediator.event.accept(*args), evts)) self.eng.joystick_mgr.bind_keyboard(navs) if self.eng.cfg.dev_cfg.menu_joypad and self._back_btn: self.mediator.event.accept('joypad_b1', self.__back_wrapper)
def __back_wrapper(self): if not self.eng.joystick_mgr.is_recording: self._back_btn['command']()
[docs] def disable_navigation(self, players): if self.enable_tsk: self.enable_tsk = self.eng.rm_do_later(self.enable_tsk) for player in players: nav = self.menu_props.nav.navinfo_lst[player] evts = [nav.left, nav.right, nav.up, nav.down,] self.eng.joystick_mgr.unbind_keyboard(player) list(map(self.mediator.event.ignore, evts)) self.mediator.event.ignore('joypad_b1')
[docs] def enable(self, players): self.enable_navigation(players) list(map(lambda wdg: wdg.enable(), self.widgets))
[docs] def disable(self, players): if self.enable_tsk: self.enable_tsk = self.eng.rm_do_later(self.enable_tsk) self.disable_navigation(players) list(map(lambda wdg: wdg.disable(), self.widgets))
[docs] def transition_exit(self, destroy=True): list(map(lambda wdg: wdg.set_exit_transition(destroy), self.widgets)) self.disable(self.players)
def __build_back_btn(self, exit_behav): tra_src = 'Quit' if exit_behav else 'Back' tra_tra = _('Quit') if exit_behav else _('Back') callback = self._on_quit if exit_behav else self._on_back btn = Btn(text='', pos=(0, -.92), cmd=callback, tra_src=tra_src, tra_tra=tra_tra, **self.menu_props.btn_args) self.widgets += [btn] self._back_btn = btn def _on_back(self, player=0): self.notify('on_back', self.__class__.__name__) def _on_quit(self): self.notify('on_quit', self.__class__.__name__)
[docs] def show(self): visible_widgets = [wdg for wdg in self.widgets if wdg.was_visible] list(map(lambda wdg:, visible_widgets)) self.transition_enter()
[docs] def hide(self): for wdg in self.widgets: wdg.was_visible = not wdg.hidden self.transition_exit(False) self.notify('on_hide')
[docs] def destroy(self): self.transition_exit() self.menu_props = None
[docs]class PageEvent(EventColleague):
[docs] def on_back(self): pass
[docs] def on_quit(self): pass
[docs]class PageFacade:
[docs] def show(self): return
[docs] def hide(self): return self.gui.hide()
[docs] def enable(self, players): return self.gui.enable(players)
[docs] def disable(self, players): return self.gui.disable(players)
[docs] def enable_navigation(self, players): return self.gui.enable_navigation(players)
[docs] def disable_navigation(self): return self.gui.disable_navigation(players)
[docs] def attach_obs(self, obs_meth, sort=10, rename='', args=[]): return self.gui.attach(obs_meth, sort, rename, args)
[docs] def detach_obs(self, obs_meth, lambda_call=None): return self.gui.detach(obs_meth, lambda_call)
[docs]class Page(GameObject, PageFacade): gui_cls = PageGui event_cls = PageEvent def __init__(self, menu_props, players=[0]): PageFacade.__init__(self) self.menu_props = menu_props self.players = players GameObject.__init__(self) self._build_event() self._build_gui() list(map(self.gui.attach, [self.on_hide, self.on_back, self.on_quit])) def _build_event(self): self.event = self.event_cls(self) def _build_gui(self): self.gui = self.gui_cls(self, self.menu_props, self.players)
[docs] def on_hide(self): self.event.ignoreAll()
[docs] def on_back(self, cls_name, args=[]): self.event.on_back() # unused arg
[docs] def on_quit(self, cls_name): self.event.on_quit() # unused arg
[docs] def destroy(self): self.event.destroy() self.gui.destroy() bases = [basecls for basecls in Page.__bases__ if basecls != PageFacade] for cls in bases: cls.destroy(self)