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from os import name
from yyagl.lib.gui import Frame
from yyagl.lib.p3d.shader import load_shader
from yyagl.gameobject import GameObject

[docs]class Circle(Frame, GameObject): def __init__(self, size=.4, pos=(0, 0), parent=None, ray=.4, thickness=.05, col_start=(1, 1, 1, 1), col_end=(1, 1, 1, 1)): GameObject.__init__(self) Frame.__init__(self, pos=(pos[0], pos[1]), texture_coord=True, frame_size=(-size, size, -size, size), parent=parent) path = 'yyagl/assets/shaders/' shader = load_shader(path + 'filter.vert', path + 'circle.frag') drv_lst = [self.eng.lib.driver_vendor, self.eng.lib.driver_renderer, self.eng.lib.driver_version] is_nvidia = any('nvidia' in drv.lower() for drv in drv_lst) if shader and not (name == 'nt' and is_nvidia): self.set_shader(shader) args = [('ray', ray), ('width', thickness), ('progress', 0), ('color_start', col_start), ('color_end', col_end)] list(map(lambda arg: self.set_shader_input(*arg), args)) else: self['frameColor'] = (1, 1, 1, 0) self.set_transparency(True) @property def progress(self): return self.get_shader_input('progress') @progress.setter def progress(self, val): self.set_shader_input('progress', val)
[docs] def destroy(self): Frame.destroy(self) GameObject.destroy(self)