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from os import remove, system, makedirs, walk, chdir, getcwd
from os.path import basename, dirname, realpath, exists, abspath
from shutil import move, rmtree, copytree, copy
from glob import glob
from distutils.dir_util import copy_tree
from import ver, bld_dpath, branch, InsideDir, size
from import bld_ng

[docs]def bld_linux(target, source, env): ico_fpath = env['ICO_FPATH'] chdir('..') # after the previous command we are in 'dist' src = '{dst_dir}../dist/{appname}-{version}_manylinux1_x86_64.tar.xz' tgt_file = '{dst_dir}{appname}-{version}-linux_amd64.tar.xz' src_fmt = src.format(dst_dir=bld_dpath, appname=env['APPNAME'], version=branch) tgt_fmt = tgt_file.format(dst_dir=bld_dpath, appname=env['APPNAME'], version=branch) move(src_fmt, tgt_fmt) start_dir = abspath('.') + '/' if exists(bld_dpath + 'linux'): rmtree(bld_dpath + 'linux') makedirs(bld_dpath + 'linux') with InsideDir(bld_dpath + 'linux'): _do_bld(start_dir, env['APPNAME'], ico_fpath) rmtree(bld_dpath + 'linux')
def _do_bld(start_dir, appname, ico_fpath, clean=True): _prepare(start_dir) _bld(appname, start_dir, ico_fpath) _bld_pckgs(appname) chdir('../..') if not clean: return #rmtree('build') #rmtree('dist') def _prepare(start_path): makedirs('img/data') curr_path = dirname(realpath(__file__)) + '/' copytree(curr_path + 'mojosetup/meta', 'img/meta') copytree(curr_path + 'mojosetup/scripts', 'img/scripts') copy(curr_path + 'mojosetup/mojosetup_amd64', '.') if not exists(curr_path + 'mojosetup/guis'): return makedirs('img/guis') libfpath = curr_path + 'mojosetup/guis/amd64/' dst_dpath = 'img/guis/' copy(libfpath, dst_dpath) def _bld(appname, start_path, ico_fpath): arch = {'i386': 'i686', 'amd64': 'x86_64'} copy(start_path + ico_fpath % '48', 'img/data/icon.png') seds = ['version', 'size', 'appname', 'AppName', 'vendorsite'] sseds = ' '.join(["-e 's/<%s>/{%s}/'" % (sed, sed) for sed in seds]) tmpl = 'sed -i.bak %s img/scripts/config.lua' % sseds cmd = tmpl.format(version=branch, size=size('img'), appname=appname, AppName=appname.capitalize(), vendorsite='') system(cmd) copy_tree('../../build/manylinux1_x86_64', 'img/data') def _bld_pckgs(appname): with InsideDir('img/data'): system('tar -cvf - * | xz > ../pdata.tar.xz') system('rm -rf img/data/*') move('img/pdata.tar.xz', 'img/data/pdata.tar.xz') with InsideDir('img'): system('zip -r ../ *') system('cat >> ./mojosetup_amd64') fdst = '%s-%s-linux_amd64' % (appname, branch) move('mojosetup_amd64', fdst) system('chmod +x %s-%s-linux_amd64' % (appname, branch)) fsrc = '%s-%s-linux_amd64' % (appname, branch) move(fsrc, '../%s-%s-linux_amd64' % (appname, branch))