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from os import walk, system, makedirs
from os.path import exists, basename, abspath
from shutil import rmtree, move
from json import dumps
from import _do_bld
from import bld_ng
from import bld_dpath, InsideDir

[docs]def bld_flatpak(target, source, env): ico_fpath = env['ICO_FPATH'] bld_ng(env['APPNAME'], linux=True) start_dir = abspath('.') + '/' if exists(bld_dpath + 'linux'): rmtree(bld_dpath + 'linux') makedirs(bld_dpath + 'linux') with InsideDir(bld_dpath + 'linux'): _do_bld(start_dir, env['APPNAME'], ico_fpath, False) with InsideDir(bld_dpath + 'linux/img/data'): system('tar -xvf pdata.tar.xz') __do_flatpak(env['FLATPAK_DST'], env['APPNAME']) #rmtree(bld_dpath + 'linux') rmtree('build/__whl_cache__') rmtree('build/manylinux1_x86_64') rmtree('built/linux')
def __do_flatpak(dst, name): files = [] if exists('built'): rmtree('built') if exists('.flatpak-builder/build'): rmtree('.flatpak-builder/build') for root, _, files_ in walk('.'): if len(root.split('/')) == 1 or not root.split('/')[1].startswith('.'): for file_ in files_: if file_ != 'pdata.tar.xz' and not (file_.startswith('options') and file_.endswith('json')): files += [root[2:] + ('/' if len(root) > 1 else '') + file_] json = { 'app-id': 'org.ya2.Yorg', 'runtime': 'org.freedesktop.Platform', 'runtime-version': '19.08', 'sdk': 'org.freedesktop.Sdk', 'command': 'yorg', 'modules': [ {'name': 'assets', 'buildsystem': 'simple', 'build-commands': ['install -d assets'], 'sources': []}, {'name': 'yorg', 'buildsystem': 'simple', 'build-commands': ['install -D yorg /app/bin/yorg'], 'sources': [{'type': 'file', 'path': 'yorg'}]}], 'finish-args': [ '--socket=x11', '--share=network', '--share=ipc', '--device=dri']} for file_ in files: enc_file = file_.replace('/', '____') cmd = 'install -D "%s" "/app/bin/%s"' % (enc_file, file_) json['modules'][0]['build-commands'] += [cmd] json['modules'][0]['sources'] += [ {'type': 'file', 'path': file_, 'dest-filename': enc_file}] import pprint; pprint.pprint(json) with open('org.ya2.Yorg.json', 'w') as f: f.write(dumps(json)) repo_name = 'flatpak_' + name + '_repo' system('flatpak-builder --repo=%s --force-clean --disable-rofiles-fuse built org.ya2.Yorg.json' % repo_name) move(repo_name, dst) #flatpak-builder --run build-dir org.flatpak.Hello.json