Source code for yracing.track.phys

from logging import info, debug
from panda3d.core import BitMask32, LPoint3f
from yyagl.computer_proxy import ComputerProxy, compute_once
from yyagl.gameobject import PhysColleague, GameObject
from yracing.weapon.bonus.bonus import Bonus
from yracing.bitmasks import BitMasks
from yyagl.engine.phys import TriangleMesh, TriangleMeshShape, GhostNode, \
from yyagl.lib.p3d.vec import P3dVec3

[docs]class MeshBuilder(GameObject): def __init__(self, model, geom_names, is_ghost): GameObject.__init__(self) self.model = model self.rigid_bodies = [] self.ghosts = [] self.nodes = [] list(map(lambda name: self.__set_mesh(name, is_ghost), geom_names)) def __set_mesh(self, geom_name, is_ghost): info('setting physics for: ' + geom_name) geoms = self.eng.lib.find_geoms(self.model, geom_name) if geoms: self._process_meshes(geoms, geom_name, is_ghost) def _build_mesh(self, geoms, geom_name, is_ghost, is_merged): mesh = TriangleMesh() name = self._add_geoms(geoms, mesh, geom_name) shape = TriangleMeshShape(mesh, dynamic=False) self._build(shape, name, is_ghost, is_merged) def _build(self, shape, geom_name, is_ghost, is_merged): if is_ghost: ncls = GhostNode meth = self.eng.phys_mgr.attach_ghost lst = self.ghosts else: ncls = RigidBodyNode meth = self.eng.phys_mgr.attach_rigid_body lst = self.rigid_bodies nodepath = self.eng.attach_node(ncls(geom_name)._node) self.nodes += [nodepath] nodepath.add_shape(shape) meth(nodepath.p3dnode) lst += [nodepath.p3dnode] nodepath.p3dnode.notify_collisions(True) bit = BitMask32.bit if not is_merged: bmask = bit(BitMasks.track) | bit(BitMasks.track_merged) nodepath.set_collide_mask(bmask) if is_ghost: nodepath.set_collide_mask(bit(BitMasks.ghost))
[docs] def destroy(self): self.model = self.rigid_bodies = self.ghosts = self.nodes = None GameObject.destroy(self)
[docs]class MeshBuilderMerged(MeshBuilder): def _process_meshes(self, geoms, geom_name, is_ghost): self._build_mesh(geoms, geom_name, is_ghost, True) def _add_geoms(self, geoms, mesh, geom_name): for geom in geoms: for _geom in [g.decompose() for g in geom.node().get_geoms()]: mesh.add_geom(_geom, False, geom.get_transform(self.model.node)) return geom_name
[docs]class MeshBuilderUnmerged(MeshBuilder): def _process_meshes(self, geoms, geom_name, is_ghost): for geom in geoms: self._build_mesh(geom, geom_name, is_ghost, False) def _add_geoms(self, geoms, mesh, geom_name): for _geom in [g.decompose() for g in geoms.node().get_geoms()]: mesh.add_geom(_geom, False, geoms.get_transform(self.model.node)) return geoms.get_name()
[docs]class Waypoint(object): def __init__(self, node): self.node = node self.initial_pos = node.get_pos() self.weapon_boxes = [] self.prevs = [] self.prevs_grid = [] self.__grid_wps = {}
[docs] def set_prevs(self, waypoints, prev_name, wp_root, wpstr): prevs = self.node.get_tag(prev_name).split(',') prev_nodes = [wp_root.find(wpstr + idx) for idx in prevs] if all(not node for node in prev_nodes): # new tracks prev_nodes = [wp_root.find('wp' + idx) for idx in prevs] def find_wp(name): for wayp in waypoints: if wayp.get_name() == name: return wayp prev_names = [ for wayp in prev_nodes] self.prevs = [find_wp(name) for name in prev_names]
[docs] def set_prevs_grid(self, nopitlane_wps): self.prevs_grid = [wayp for wayp in self.prevs if wayp in nopitlane_wps]
[docs] def get_name(self): return
@property def pos(self): return self.node.get_pos() def __repr__(self): prevs = [wp.get_name()[8:] for wp in self.prevs] prevs_grid = [wp.get_name()[8:] for wp in self.prevs_grid] prevs_nogrid = [wp.get_name()[8:] for wp in self.prevs_nogrid] prevs_nopitlane = [wp.get_name()[8:] for wp in self.prevs_nopitlane] return self.get_name()[8:] + ' [%s]' % ','.join(prevs) + \ ' [%s]' % ','.join(prevs_grid) + \ ' [%s]' % ','.join(prevs_nogrid) + \ ' [%s]' % ','.join(prevs_nopitlane)
[docs]class TrackPhys(PhysColleague, ComputerProxy): def __init__(self, mediator, race_props): ComputerProxy.__init__(self) self.corners = self.model = None self.bonuses = [] self.rigid_bodies = [] self.ghosts = [] self.nodes = [] self.generate_tsk = [] self.waypoints = [] self.race_props = race_props self.__grid_wps = {} PhysColleague.__init__(self, mediator) self.model = self.eng.load_model(self.race_props.track_coll_path) self.__set_meshes() self.__set_corners() self.__set_waypoints() self.__set_weapons() self.__hide_all_models() def __set_meshes(self): rprops = self.race_props builders = [ MeshBuilderUnmerged(self.model, rprops.unmerged_names, False), MeshBuilderMerged(self.model, rprops.merged_names, False), MeshBuilderMerged(self.model, rprops.ghost_names, True)] for bld in builders: self.nodes += bld.nodes self.ghosts += bld.ghosts self.rigid_bodies += bld.rigid_bodies bld.destroy() def __set_corners(self): corners = self.race_props.corner_names legacy_tracks = ['dubai', 'moon', 'nagano', 'orlando', 'rome', 'sheffield', 'toronto'] if self.race_props.track_name not in legacy_tracks: corners = ['top_left', 'top_right', 'bottom_right', 'bottom_left'] self.corners = [self.model.find('**/' + crn) for crn in corners] def __set_waypoints(self): wp_info = self.race_props.wp_info wp_root = self.model.find('**/' + wp_info.root_name) waypoints = wp_root.find_all_matches('**/%s*' % wp_info.wp_name) if not waypoints: # new tracks waypoints = wp_root.find_all_matches('**/wp*') for wayp in waypoints: wpstr = '**/' + wp_info.wp_name neww = Waypoint(wayp) self.waypoints += [neww] for wayp in self.waypoints: wayp.set_prevs(self.waypoints, wp_info.prev_name, wp_root, wpstr) for wayp in self.waypoints: # it uses the results of the previous step: can't use the same for wayp.set_prevs_grid(self.nopitlane_wps(wayp)) for w_p in self.waypoints: w_p.prevs_nogrid = self.nogrid_wps(w_p) for w_p in self.waypoints: w_p.prevs_nopitlane = self.nopitlane_wps(w_p) for w_p in self.waypoints: w_p.prevs_all = list(set(self.nogrid_wps(w_p) + self.nopitlane_wps(w_p))) for w_p in self.waypoints: w_p.prevs_onlygrid = self.grid_wps for w_p in self.waypoints: w_p.prevs_onlypitlane = self.pitstop_wps if self.eng.cfg.dev_cfg.verbose: import pprint to_print = [self.waypoints, self.pitstop_wps, self.grid_wps] list(map(pprint.pprint, to_print))
[docs] def nopitlane_wps(self, curr_wp): if curr_wp in self.__grid_wps: return self.__grid_wps[curr_wp] wps = self.waypoints[:] if curr_wp not in self.pitstop_wps: for _wp in self.pitstop_wps: wps.remove(_wp) self.__grid_wps[curr_wp] = wps return wps
[docs] @compute_once def nogrid_wps(self, curr_wp): wps = self.waypoints[:] if curr_wp not in self.grid_wps: for _wp in self.grid_wps: wps.remove(_wp) return wps
@property def grid_wps(self): wps = self.waypoints start_forks = [w_p for w_p in wps if len(w_p.prevs) > 1] def parents(w_p): return [pwp for pwp in wps if w_p in pwp.prevs] end_forks = [w_p for w_p in wps if len(parents(w_p)) > 1] grid_forks = [] for w_p in start_forks: for start in w_p.prevs[:]: to_process = [start] is_grid = False is_pitstop = False try_forks = [] while to_process: next_wp = to_process.pop(0) try_forks += [next_wp] for nwp in next_wp.prevs: if nwp not in end_forks: to_process += [nwp] if 'Goal' in self.__get_hits(next_wp, nwp): is_grid = True if 'PitStop' in self.__get_hits(next_wp, nwp): is_pitstop = True if is_grid and not is_pitstop: grid_forks += try_forks return grid_forks @property def pitstop_wps(self): # it returns the waypoints of the pitlane wps = self.waypoints start_forks = [w_p for w_p in wps if len(w_p.prevs) > 1] def parents(w_p): return [pwp for pwp in wps if w_p in pwp.prevs] end_forks = [w_p for w_p in wps if len(parents(w_p)) > 1] pitstop_forks = [] for w_p in start_forks: for start in w_p.prevs[:]: to_process = [start] is_pit_stop = False try_forks = [] while to_process: next_wp = to_process.pop(0) try_forks += [next_wp] for nwp in next_wp.prevs: if nwp not in end_forks: to_process += [nwp] if 'PitStop' in self.__get_hits(next_wp, nwp): is_pit_stop = True if is_pit_stop: pitstop_forks += try_forks return pitstop_forks @staticmethod def __get_hits(wp1, wp2): hits = [] p3d_wp1 = P3dVec3(wp1.pos.x, wp1.pos.y, wp1.pos.z) p3d_wp2 = P3dVec3(wp2.pos.x, wp2.pos.y, wp2.pos.z) for hit in TrackPhys.eng.phys_mgr.ray_test_all(p3d_wp1, p3d_wp2).get_hits(): hits += [hit.get_node().get_name()] return hits def __set_weapons(self): weapon_info = self.race_props.weapon_info weap_root = self.model.find('**/' + weapon_info.root_name) if not weap_root: return weapons = weap_root.find_all_matches('**/%s*' % weapon_info.weap_name) list(map(lambda weap: self.create_bonus(weap.get_pos()), weapons)) self.bonuses[-1].gfx.model.prepare_scene( self.bonuses[-1].gfx.model.premunge_scene( def __hide_all_models(self): nms = self.race_props.unmerged_names + self.race_props.merged_names + \ self.race_props.ghost_names list(map(self.__hide_models, nms)) def __hide_models(self, name): models = self.model.find_all_matches('**/%s*' % name) list(map(lambda mod: mod.hide(), models))
[docs] def get_start_pos_hpr(self, i): start_pos = LPoint3f(0, 0, 0) start_hpr = (0, 0, 0) node_str = '**/' + self.race_props.start_name + str(i + 1) start_node = self.model.find(node_str) if start_node: start_pos = start_node.get_pos() start_hpr = start_node.hpr else: # new tracks node_str = '**/start' + str(i) start_node = self.model.find(node_str) if start_node: start_pos = start_node.get_pos() start_hpr = start_node.hpr return start_pos, start_hpr
[docs] def skidmark_col(self): # it will be dynamic depending on the current terrain return self.race_props.skidmark_col
@property def bounds(self): crn = self.corners try: return crn[0].x, crn[1].x, crn[0].y, crn[3].y except AttributeError: print('TRACK ERROR: MISSING CORNERS') return 0, 100, 0, 100
[docs] def create_bonus(self, pos): debug('created bonus') prs = self.race_props bonus = Bonus(pos, prs.bonus_model, prs.bonus_suff, self, self.mediator.gfx) self.bonuses += [bonus] bonus.attach_obs(self.on_bonus_collected)
[docs] def on_bonus_collected(self, bonus): bonus.detach_obs(self.on_bonus_collected) self.bonuses.remove(bonus) gen_tsk = self.eng.do_later(20, self.create_bonus, [bonus.pos]) self.generate_tsk += [gen_tsk] debug('created task for bonus')
[docs] def destroy(self): self.model = self.model.remove_node() list(map(lambda node: node.remove_node(), self.nodes)) list(map(self.eng.phys_mgr.remove_rigid_body, self.rigid_bodies)) list(map(self.eng.phys_mgr.remove_ghost, self.ghosts)) list(map(lambda bon: bon.destroy(), self.bonuses)) self.eng.log_tasks() list(map(self.eng.rm_do_later, self.generate_tsk)) self.eng.log_tasks() self.corners = self.rigid_bodies = self.ghosts = self.nodes = \ self.generate_tsk = self.bonuses = self.race_props = \ self.waypoints = None ComputerProxy.destroy(self)