Source code for menu.mainpage

#from datetime import datetime
import argparse
from urllib.request import urlopen
from urllib.error import URLError
from locale import setlocale, LC_ALL
from xml.etree import ElementTree as etree
from xml.etree.ElementTree import ParseError
from datetime import datetime
# from keyring_jeepney import Keyring
from panda3d.core import TextNode
from xml.parsers.expat import ExpatError
from socket import socket, AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, SOCK_STREAM, gaierror, error, \
from direct.gui.DirectGuiGlobals import DISABLED
from direct.gui.OnscreenText import OnscreenText
from direct.gui.OnscreenImage import OnscreenImage
from yyagl.engine.gui.mainpage import MainPage, MainPageGui
from import Page, PageFacade, PageGui
from yyagl.engine.logic import VersionChecker, EngineLogic
from yyagl.gameobject import GameObject
from yyagl.lib.gui import Btn, Label, Text, Img, Frame
from .optionpage import OptionPageProps

[docs]class YorgMainPageGui(MainPageGui): def __init__(self, mediator, mainpage_props, players=[0]): self.__feed_type = '' self.__date_field = '' self.props = mainpage_props self.load_settings() self.conn_attempted = False if not self.eng.client.netw_thr or \ not self.eng.client.netw_thr.is_running: self.eng.client.restart() self.ver_check = VersionChecker() MainPageGui.__init__(self, mediator, self.props.gameprops.menu_props) if self.ver_check.is_uptodate(): options = self.props.opt_file user = options['settings']['login']['usr'] password = options['settings']['login']['pwd'] parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument('--user') parser.add_argument('--pwd') parser.add_argument('--win_orig') parser.add_argument('--optfile') args = parser.parse_args(EngineLogic.cmd_line()) if args.user and args.pwd: user = args.user password = args.pwd if user and password and self.eng.client.is_server_up: # if user: # if platform.startswith('linux'): set_keyring(Keyring()) # pwd = get_password('ya2_rog', user) # if not pwd: pwd = password # set_password('ya2_rog', user, pwd) # self.eng.xmpp.start(user, pwd) #self.eng.xmpp.start(user, pwd, self.on_ok, self.on_ko, self.props.gameprops.xmpp_debug) self.eng.client.register_rpc('login') while not self.eng.client.netw_thr: pass # wait for the thread ret_val = 'ok' if not self.eng.client.authenticated: ret_val = self.eng.client.login(user, password) if ret_val in ['invalid_nick', 'unregistered_nick', 'wrong_pwd']: self.on_ko(ret_val) #return self.on_ko(ret_val) taskMgr.doMethodLater(.1, lambda task: self.on_ok(), 'x') # otherwise the menu is not attached to the page yet if not (user and password): self.on_ko()
[docs] def on_ok(self): self.eng.client.authenticated = True self.conn_attempted = True #self.eng.xmpp.send_connected() self.eng.client.init(self.props.opt_file['settings']['login']['usr']) self.notify('on_login')
[docs] def on_ko(self, msg=None): # unused msg self.conn_attempted = True
[docs] def load_settings(self): sett = self.props.opt_file['settings'] self.keys = sett['keys'] self.lang = sett['lang'] self.volume = sett['volume'] self.fullscreen = sett['fullscreen'] self.antialiasing = sett['antialiasing'] self.cars_num = sett['cars_number'] self.shaders = sett['shaders'] = sett['camera']
[docs] def build(self): sp_cb = lambda: self.notify('on_push_page', 'singleplayer', [self.props]) mp_cb = lambda: self.notify('on_push_page', 'multiplayer', [self.props]) supp_cb = lambda: self.eng.open_browser(self.props.support_url) cred_cb = lambda: self.notify('on_push_page', 'credits') menu_data = [ ('Single Player', _('Single Player'), sp_cb), ('Multiplayer', _('Multiplayer'), mp_cb), ('Options', _('Options'), self.on_options), ('Support us', _('Support us'), supp_cb), ('Credits', _('Credits'), cred_cb), ('Quit', _('Quit'), lambda: self.notify('on_exit'))] widgets = [ Btn(text='', pos=(0, .64-i*.23), cmd=menu[2], tra_src=menu_data[i][0], tra_tra=menu_data[i][1], **self.props.gameprops.menu_props.btn_args) for i, menu in enumerate(menu_data)] logo_img = Img( self.props.title_img, scale=(.64, 1, .64 * (380.0 / 772)), parent=base.a2dTopLeft, pos=(.65, -.32)) widgets += [logo_img] lab_args = self.props.gameprops.menu_props.label_args lab_args['scale'] = .12 lab_args['text_fg'] = self.props.gameprops.menu_props.text_err_col wip_lab = Label( text='', pos=(-.05, -1.58), parent=base.a2dTopRight, text_wordwrap=10, text_align=TextNode.A_right, tra_src='Note: the game is work-in-progress', tra_tra=_('Note: the game is work-in-progress'), **lab_args) self.widgets += [wip_lab] self.add_widgets(widgets) self.set_news() if not self.ver_check.is_uptodate(): self.widgets[2]['state'] = DISABLED
[docs] def on_options(self): self.load_settings() option_props = OptionPageProps( self.keys, self.lang, self.volume, self.fullscreen, self.antialiasing, self.shaders, self.cars_num,, self.props.opt_file) self.notify('on_push_page', 'options', [option_props])
[docs] def set_news(self): menu_props = self.props.gameprops.menu_props try: feed = urlopen(self.props.feed_url).read() except URLError: feed = '' try: items = etree.fromstring(feed).findall('channel/item') except ParseError: items = [] # e.g. when it is offline setlocale(LC_ALL, 'en_US.UTF-8') try: entries = [(datetime.strptime( entry.findtext('pubDate')[:25], '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S'), entry.findtext('title') or '') for entry in items] except (TypeError, ValueError): entries = [] entries = list(reversed(sorted(entries, key=lambda entry: entry[0])))[:5] entries = [(datetime.strftime(entry[0], '%b %d'), self.__ellipsis_str(entry[1])) for entry in entries] frm = Frame( frame_size=(0, 1.0, 0, .75), frame_col=(.2, .2, .2, .5), pos=(.05, .1), parent=base.a2dBottomLeft) texts = [Text( _('Last news:'), pos=(.55, .75), scale=.055, wordwrap=32, parent='bottomleft', fg=menu_props.text_normal_col, font=menu_props.font, tra_src='Last news:', tra_tra=_('Last news:'))] texts += [Text( ': '.join(entries[i]), pos=(.1, .65 - i*.1), scale=.055, wordwrap=32, parent='bottomleft', align='left', fg=menu_props.text_normal_col, font=menu_props.font) for i in range(min(5, len(entries)))] btn_args = self.props.gameprops.menu_props.btn_args.copy() btn_args['scale'] = (.055, .055) show_btn = Btn( text=_('show'), pos=(.55, .15), cmd=self.eng.open_browser, extra_args=[self.props.site_url], parent=base.a2dBottomLeft, tra_src='show', tra_tra=_('show'), **btn_args) self.add_widgets([frm] + texts + [show_btn])
@staticmethod def __ellipsis_str(_str): return _str if len(_str) <= 20 else _str[:20] + '...'
[docs] def destroy(self): self.ver_check.destroy() MainPageGui.destroy(self)
[docs]class YorgMainPage(MainPage, PageFacade): gui_cls = YorgMainPageGui def __init__(self, mainpage_props): self.mainpage_props = mainpage_props MainPage.__init__(self, mainpage_props) @property def init_lst(self): return [ [('event', self.event_cls, [self])], [('gui', self.gui_cls, [self, self.mainpage_props])]]
[docs] def destroy(self): MainPage.destroy(self)